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RF MacDonald Co. offers sales, packaged systems design, service, installation, and parts for our customers!


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Ajax Boilers

RF MacDonald Co. has been a representative for AJAX since 1959!

AJAX boilers perform dependably and quietly, providing commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings with space heating, domestic, and process hot water.

Inclined tubes provide uniform heat transfer, resulting in high fuel economy and long boiler life. 2" OD tubes (steel or copper) are rolled into large headers on both ends, producing excellent boiler circulation. 2" OD tubes are less restrictive than smaller OD tubes. 

Our non-proprietary tubes are less costly for tube replacement. Ajax's straight tube design allows for individual inspection of tube conditions. 

AJAX Boilers feature:
  • Inclined Water Tubes with large headers for excellent internal circulation
  • Models from 150,000 BTU/Hr to 21,000,000 BTU/Hr fit every application
  • Effective Heat Transfer Surfaces triangular pitch-multi-row heat exchanger
  • High combustion efficiency radiant refractory combustion chamber
  • 85% High Efficiency Boilers
  • Low NOx Boilers
  • High Pressure Steam Boilers from 5 to 350 BHP
  • Thermal Shock Proof floating tube bundle and headers

  • Full 20 years non-prorated Thermal Shock warranty on all boilers

Ajax Series "W" Tube Bundle Assembly 
Constructed and Stamped to ASME BPV Code Section IV, is supported by a rugged steel frame with expansion joints at each corner. This simple but effective design allows the entire tube bundle to float freely as it expands and contracts during normal operation. Free floating tube bundle prevents thermal shock damage. (Boiler tubes are rolled into headers.) The key to preventing waterside corrosion in any boiler is to eliminate air bubbles. This is accomplished by sloping the tubes upward 1/2" per linear foot from the rear to the front. This enables the boiler water to carry the air bubbles to the built-in air eliminator. No air bubbles means no pitting or corrosions.

Ajax Series "H" & "X" Tube Bundle and Drum Assembly

The Ajax Series "H" & "X" boiler is an adaptation of Ajax basic Series "W" design providing drum construction for large steam or water storage capacity. 

Constructed and Stamped to ASME BPV Code Section IV.

Ajax Atmospheric Burner Assembly 
Multiple numbers of burner heads make up the Burner Assembly, each with its own venturi and orifice. The drilled, raised port, grey cast-iron burner head has long been recognized as the simplest, most trouble free gas burner available. There is nothing to get out of adjustment; therefore there is nothing to adjust. 

Ajax Heat Exchanger 

Ajax Indirect Heat Exchangers are constructed with copper tubes, bronze headers and tube sheets. They are available in sizes up to full capacity of the boiler and easily adaptable for domestic water heating for laundry, dishwashing, shower, swimming pool, and snow melting applications. Water to water or steam to water heat transfer for maximum efficiency. 

Also available with ACE double-wall tube bundles

Ajax Series "S" Tube Bundle and Drum Assembly 

5-70 HP. This boiler utilizes cylindrical headers and steam drum. Sloping tubes promote water circulation and proper steam flow. Boiler tubes are straight inclined with bolted and removable head plate covers which allow visual inspection and mechanical cleaning of tubes. 

Series "S" boiler for 150 psi steam. "D" series boiler (not shown) is similar in design, for water and high temperature hot water.

Constructed and stamped to ASME BPV Code Section I.

Ajax Series "S" Tube Bundle and Drum Assembly 

80-350 HP. In this design the steam drum is mounted between cylindrical headers to minimize overall height.

Series "S" boiler shown for 150 psi steam. Series "D" boiler (not shown) is similar in design for water and high temperature hot water for 80-350 HP.

Constructed and stamped to ASME BPV Code Section I.

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To request information or a quote, please use our Information/Quote request form!
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