City of Reno's
Energy Efficiency Initiative Proves Successful

The City of Reno's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Initiative proves to be a tremendous success, creating energy and financial savings along with creating and retaining jobs for Nevada.

Green Priorities in Action
Starting in 2008, in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy bills, the City of Reno began the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Initiative under the City Council’s Green Priority. The projects encompassed solar photovoltaic systems, a wind turbine demonstration program, solar thermal heating systems, lighting retrofits, control systems, and a variety of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades.

Efficient Boiler System Creates Huge Savings
R.F. MacDonald Co. worked with the City of Reno and a local contractor, to develop and install a new high-efficiency heating and cooling system. The boiler system, featuring two Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire CFH-700-60-15 ST boilers, produces the indoor climate control for all 16 floors. A sophisticated control system obtains data samples from over 600 monitors throughout the building that provide feedback to the automated controls.

Proof in the Numbers
In May 2012, the City of Reno completed all the projects in the Initiative. The following chart demonstrates some of the savings seen to date. In addition, the energy savings are being used to pay-off the bonds that helped fund the project, making no impact on the City’s general fund.

Reno’s Green Energy Dashboard
Use the Green Energy Dashboard to track energy generated by the City of Reno from Photovoltaic and wind turbine systems installed on city facilities. These systems are used to offset the electrical load and decrease the carbon footprint.  GreenEnergy.Reno.Gov

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