Boiler Parts

Each location of R.F. MacDonald Co. strategically placed throughout our service area, stocks an inventory of critical boiler room parts to keep our customers online in emergencies 24 HOURS PER DAY, 365 DAYS PER YEAR!

Huge Boiler Parts Inventory
Our $2,000,000 inventory and purchasing power ensures the most competitive pricing. R.F. MacDonald Co. has 24-hour access to additional warehouses including Cleaver-Brooks and various manufacturing facilities. We stock a large inventory of equipment and repair parts for the following manufacturers:

  • Cleaver-Brooks
  • Nebraska Boiler
  • Fulton Boiler
  • Ajax Boiler
  • Lochinvar Boilers
  • NAT-COM Burners
  • Industrial Combustion Burners
  • Invensys Gas Pressure Regulators
  • Goulds
  • Grundfos
  • Shipco Boiler Feed & Condensate Return Pumps

To support the parts and service requirements for the boiler manufacturers we represent as well as many others, some of the major items we stock include:

  • Controls for water level, pressure/temperature, safety, burner, monitoring, etc.
    • HONEYWELL - Flame Safeguards, Valves, Actuators, Pressure/Temperature Controls
    • FIREYE - Flame Safeguard
    • McDONNELL & MILLER - Water Controls
    • ASCO - Solenoid Valves
    • MAGENTROL - Water Controls
  • Pump repair or replacement
    • GOULDS AND B&G - Replacement Parts
      • Waterside and fireside boiler gaskets
      • Individual Gaskets
      • Complete fireside gasket kit
  • Refractory for high and low pressure applications and special shapes
  • Safety Valves
    • KUNKLE
    • SPENCE
    • WATTS
  • Gauges & Thermometers and Self Operated Control Valves
    • H.O. TRERICE
  • Gas Pressure Regulators
    • INVENSYS (Formerly Rockwell and Equimeter)
  • Liquid Level Controls


The components shown here are an integrated family of subsystems in your boiler. They are designed to function together to optimize efficiency and safety. They are engineered and manufactured specifically for your boiler, and are guaranteed and supported 100% by Cleaver-Brooks. Should replacements or upgrades ever be necessary, be sure to specify that only genuine Cleaver-Brooks parts be used. When you consider the critical tasks these components perform, you’ll see why...

1. LOW WATER CUTOFF As the "safety monitor" on your boiler, it is one of the most important controls. Always keep a backup handy and call your local R.F. MacDonald Co. office immediately for a replacement.

2. BLOWER MOTOR AND FAN This hardworking team is Cleaver-Brooks-engineered to provide optimum combustion efficiency.

3. TUBES AND TUBE SHEET Manufactured at Cleaver-Brooks plant to the specified shape and roll pattern for your boiler, they meet all ASME code standards.

4. REAR HEAD REFRACTORY Consult your local R.F. MacDonald Co. office to assure the right shape, weight, and temperature rating in the material you need.

5. GAS TRAIN This gas train is part of an integrated system, factory-assembled exclusively by Cleaver Brooks.

6. BURNER HOUSING AND DIFFUSER These parts are precision machined to assure the proper combustion for your boiler.

7. FLAME SAFEGUARD CONTROLS Flame safeguard controls assure trouble-free operation, while meeting code and insurance requirements.

8. THROAT AND LINER Material shape and temperature ratings affect insulation performance. Ask your local R.F. MacDonald Co. office about the best selection for your boiler.



Genuine Parts for
Cleaver Brooks

System Upgrades

Boiler Fuel Conversions
Improve efficiency and upgrade performance without replacing your boiler. Our fuel conversions are engineered for optimum safety and performance.

High Turndown Burner
Reduce on/off cycling with a 10:1 turndown ratio and save fuel immediately by running your 400 hp boiler at 40 hp during off-peak hours.

Oxygen Trim System
Maximize your fuel efficiency by maintaining the optimum fuel-to-air ratio.


Boiler Flame Safeguard Controls

Boiler Room Control

Complete boiler and boiler room monitoring technology. Communicates with your PC and facility management system.

CB780 Flame
Safeguard Control

The latest flame safeguard technology with textual display, self-diagnostics and communications capabilities. Standard on firetube boilers.

CB100E Flame
Safeguard Control

Microprocessor technology at an economic price.